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Sobre a loja Bright Mobiles Silves

Sobre a loja Bright Mobiles Silves

Fornecemos-lhe um serviço de reparação de hardware e software mais barato para todos os telemóveis e tablets, etc.

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You are looking for a phone repair man because you dropped him. Don't worry, the Cell Phone Repair Workshop - Bright Mobiles Silves will stop putting a smile on your face. If you have a broken or cracked cell phone screen or if you have a problem with charging or autonomy of the battery or charger, just contact this store to be informed. A price request to repair your smartphone may be communicated to you (in some cases to get an accurate repair estimate, it will be preferable to contact the store to make an appointment and get your device repaired at the best price!).

Below is the list of repairs performed by Bright Mobiles Silves

· Screen replacement

· Battery replacement

· Phone repair

· Rear window replacement

· Tablet repair

· Touch screen repair

· Fault diagnosis

· Changing the battery cover

· Charging connector repair

Before going to your repairer physically, we advise you to contact him by phone ( 928 102 633 ) to obtain the necessary information (appointment appointments, prices, deadlines, etc.). In 95% of cases, smartphones can be fixed, so there's no point in bleeding if your phone's screen is cracked, no longer showing anything else, or showing colored smudges.

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