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Terms & Conditions

1. General

The present conditions of sale detailed below exclusively determine the contractual relations between all customer users of the website, which belongs to the company BRIGHTMOBILES UNIPESSOAL LDA, with headquarters located at R de Sao Pedro 72 NO LOJA 0.40 PORTIMAO 8500-313, Portugal, with taxpayer number 513 046 631.

Only registered users will be able to make purchases on the website and upon acceptance of the conditions described below:

a) The prices available on the website are exclusive to the online store, they already include VAT and can be changed without prior notice.

b) Brightmobiles is not responsible for any errors in the prices published on the website and for the validity of the technical descriptions of the products, as well as the photographs, as this information comes from our suppliers. We update the information daily in order to ensure that all our products have the correct and up-to-date information, thus minimizing any possible error situations that may occur.

c) The availability indicated in the articles may change due to any problems that occur during the transport and delivery of an order or due to a momentary stockout, and the customer is informed of these changes through the contact details provided in their customer account.

d) The data collected at the time of registration of the customer, are intended exclusively for the processing of any order and respective invoice and will never be provided to third parties.

e) All names, logos and registered trademarks presented on this website are the property of their respective owners.

f) If the customer does not indicate the taxpayer number, name and address, an invoice will be issued with the taxpayer number 999999990 and in the name of 'Final consumer'. If you want an invoice with your taxpayer number, all the information mentioned (TIN, name and address) must be filled in when registering. After the invoice is issued, we will not reissue it.

2. Payment Methods

a) Multibanco: Payments by Multibanco Reference can be made by Homebanking or by the Multibanco Caixas network. At the end of your order, the ATM reference will be generated and sent to your email and customer area on the website. To make the payment, you must select the option “Payments for Services/Purchases” and enter the entity, reference and corresponding amount that were sent.

b) Bank transfer: You must first place the order and select this method of payment, you will be presented with the NIB for the transfer which you must make a note to proceed with the transfer or deposit later.

Before making the transfer, you must wait for a confirmation email from us.

We will send the order as soon as the payment is verified, remembering that some banks may take 1 to 2 days to complete the transfer.

The limit established for this method of payment is €5,000 (per order), in case of higher value orders, you should contact our “Customer Service” ( to let you know how to proceed. .

c) Cash on delivery: In this mode, the total value of the order must not exceed €300 (VAT incl.). You must pay the order directly in cash to the carrier's courier at the time the goods are delivered. This payment method is not valid for equipment (Smartphones, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, among others).

We will ship your order within 24 to 48 hours after placing the order, provided that all items ordered are available in stock.

This method of payment will have an added fee of 2% on the total value of your purchase, the value will be calculated and presented to the customer at the time of finalizing the order or choosing the option to "calculate shipping" in the shopping cart section of our website.

BRIGHTMOBILES UNIPESSOAL LDA. reserves the right to retain full ownership of the item until full payment thereof, including possible errors by the seller or the carrier.

d) MbWay: Pay for your order using your mobile number with mbway, at no additional cost. You must have the application active on your device to be able to pay this way. For more information about this payment method, click here.

e) Paypal: is a fast and secure service that allows you to make online payments, if you want to know more about PayPal click here.

We will send orders paid via PayPal within 24-48 hours after ordering, as long as all the items you have purchased are available in stock. This service has a 3% surcharge on the total amount of your purchase.

f) Payshop: To pay for the order by Payshop, you must go to one of the Payshop agents (Agents), indicate the reference you obtained with the order and make the respective payment


3. Shipping of orders

a) All orders are shipped via CTT or DPD carriers.

b) Orders are processed on working days until 5 pm. After confirmation of payment, orders are sent to the address indicated by the customer. Pre-orders, unlike normal orders mentioned above, will only be processed when the product is available from the brand, for official distribution and for the end customer.

c) Shipping costs for orders are borne by the customer and are added to the total value of the selected products. The customer will be informed of these charges before confirming their order and completing the purchase process, as well as the difference in value depending on the chosen shipping method.


Shipping method Delivery time Cost

Express Mail 24h-48h


Simple Mail

3-5 business days


Azores and Madeira

3-5 days registered mail


*Shipment by simple mail does not have tracking. Single mail is not recommended for the shipment of Touch, Touch Glass and Display.


Shipping method Time Cost

Mainland Portugal and the Islands



Against reimbursement:

shipping method


Maximum value per order

Mainland Portugal and the Islands


300 €

*DPD accepts ATM cash on delivery method.

Store Survey:

Shipping method Time Cost

Survey at Brightmobiles Physical Stores 24h-48h €2.00

d) Pursuant to the provisions of Decree-Law no. 7/2004 of 7 January (with the amendments conferred by Decree-Law no. 62/2009, of 10 March and by Law no. 46/2012, of 29 August), Brightmobiles reserves the right to unilaterally cancel any orders whose final price is wrong or out of date or whenever there is a programming error, malfunction of Brightmobiles equipment as well as in the contractual proposal arrives wrong to its fate, and the error concerns an essential element of the contract. The customer will be notified of this fact before payment has been made, however, if payment has already been made, the customer will be refunded in full.

e) Brightmobiles reserves the right to cancel any orders for which payment has not been made within 5 working days after the date of delivery.

f) Orders will only be processed after confirmation of payment has been made and will be sent to the address requested at the time of ordering, so it is not possible to guarantee the availability of the items until the beginning of the respective order processing.

g) If the items are not in stock in our warehouse as they are items ordered by order, a signal may be requested in order to proceed with the order of the item in question from the supplier. The signage will be 30% or higher (if agreed between both parties) and only after confirmation of payment for said signage will the agreed delivery time begin to count in working days. In case of withdrawal by the customer, the signal will not be returned. If there is a much longer delivery time than agreed, Brightmobiles will refund and allow you to cancel the same order.

h) In the case of orders against reimbursement, this will only be sent after validation by phone with the customer, so it is necessary that the phone number indicated at the time of registration is the correct one. As a means of payment checks will not be accepted, only cash (cash). The customer can also pay by check (by registered letter to our address) and after payment, we will send the ordered product.

i) Any offers associated with an ordered product will always be subject to stock confirmation and may be canceled without prior notice.

j) Orders for Europe and the rest of the world must be made through the email The shipping cost always depends on the weight and the country to which it will be shipped, this will be calculated based on the shipping price list of CTT carrier. For shipments to countries outside the European Union and depending on the laws of each country, Customs may demand payment of taxes to which Brightmobiles is not responsible, these will be borne by the customer.

k) Orders shipped by Brightmobiles and that for any reason (absence, wrong address, etc.) have not been delivered to the customer, the customer must file the claim within 30 days of dispatch, otherwise the order will be considered lost and the customer you will not be entitled to any credit relating to the order. In cases of repaired/damaged products that the customer does not carry out within 3 months of being notified to do so, Brightmobiles is not responsible for any loss or loss thereof.

l) Any change to the order information, after it has been submitted, must be communicated by email or telephone, provided that the order does not

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