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Brand: Samsung Model: Headset Type C
Product DetailsThe Samsung Type-C headset gives the user the opportunity to enjoy a multifaceted world of music with clear, balanced sound. They are equipped with a two-way speaker and offer rich sound that is reproduced in a clear and balanced way. Coordinated by the AKG sound experts, th..
Ex Tax:19.90€
Brand: Samsung Model: Headset Type C
Product DetailsOriginal Samsung USB-C Headset. Integrated control and microphone buttons. Lightweight design ensuring a pleasant fit. Anti-us traced nylon cable, compatible with USB C(audio) devices...
Ex Tax:20.90€
Brand: Samsung Model: Headset + Micro IG935
Product DetailsENJOY YOUR MUSIC WITHOUT MESSAGE Get ridof the clutter because of the wires. These Samsung earphones are designed with a tangle-proof, fabric-lined cable so you can enjoy your music without knots.EXPAND YOUR MUSICAL VARIETYThese Samsung headsets offer a sensitive three-button rem..
Ex Tax:15.00€
Model: Compact Bluetooth Speaker 2
Detalhes do ProdutoEstá à procura de uma coluna Bluetooth com um design compacto, mas um som potente? Então está no sítio certo, porque a Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker 2 pode oferecer tudo isto e muito mais. É pequena, com som cristalino, 6 longas horas de bateria, Bluetooth 4.2 e microfone incorpora..
Ex Tax:25.00€
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